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Gay and bisexual men are a minority group identified as early adopters of new technology [6].

Given the popularity of apps and websites for dating and partner-seeking [4,7], and high rates of online pornography consumption [8], being online has become an integral part of the experience of being a gay or bisexual man in the United States [9] and other developed countries [10,11].

Given the paucity of research on how to recruit older gay and bisexual men in general, and older gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer in particular, we conducted an observational study to identify participant preferences when participating in research studies.

To test online versus offline recruitment demographic data collection, and interview preferences of older gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer.

Older gay and bisexual men, when given choices, appear to prefer a mixed methods approach to qualitative investigations.

For most aspects of the study, the older men chose online methods; the exception was the interview, in which case almost all preferred telephone.

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Older populations represent the cohort least likely to be online, necessitating the use of traditional research methods, such as telephone or in-person interviews.

Trevor Lifeline—A crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386 Trevor Text—Text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200. Available Monday through Friday between 3pm–10pm EST / Noon–7pm PT Trevor Space—An online international peer-to-peer community for LGBTQ young people and their friends.

Trevor Support Center—Where LGBTQ youth and allies can find answers to FAQs and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and more.

Email blasts were sent from a website providing support services for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer, supplemented with an email invitation from the web-host.

All invitations provided information via the study website address and a toll-free telephone number.Study tasks included respondents being screened, giving informed consent, completing a short survey collecting demographic data, and a 60-75 minute telephone or Internet chat interview.


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