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DVD X6053 This film analyzes the roles and images of Asian women promulgated by the Hollywood film industry and network television over the past fifty years. DVD 8550; DVD X6053; vhs Video/C 1496 A documentary about the inside workings of Hollywood's B-movie industry, featuring film clips and rare interviews with the industry's exploitation vets. Juxtaposing footage culled from a typical week of television broadcasting with original interviews examines how the media presents girls. Panelists: Nancy De Stephanis, Peggy Cooley, Kathleen Purcell. A Symposium of leading figures in the media discussing issues relating to roles and perceptions of women in the media. Cites illustrations of abuses as well as suggestions to improve awareness of our use and abuse of language. Also capturing the stories of victims, their families and friends, the film follows various activists in countries such as Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya and Mali, as they meet with school children, local communities, and others in attempting to change the 5,000 year-old custom. Who actually benefits from this high-priced journey towards this ideal?

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Last season this sector achieved record sales worth

.26 billion, which Zespri aims to grow to .5 billion by 2025. Plant & Food Research is proud to be the recipient of this years Prime Ministers Science Prize for its rapid response to the vine-killing kiwifruit disease PSA. A leading Victorian vegetable grower says there is potential for major market growth for the kohlrabi in Australia, as consumers explore new foods and become more aware of their benefits.

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